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2014 Calendar

16 MarchAustralian Grand Prix

30 MarchMalaysian Grand Prix

06 AprilGrand Prix of Bahrain

20 AprilChinese Grand Prix

11 MaySpanish Grand Prix

25 MayGrand Prix of Monaco

08 JuneCanadian Grand Prix

22 JuneAustrian Grand Prix

06 JulyBritish Grand Prix

20 JulyGerman Grand Prix

27 JulyHungarian Grand Prix

24 AugustBelgian Grand Prix

07 SeptemberItalian Grand Prix

21 SeptemberGrand Prix of Singapore

05 OctoberJapanese Grand Prix

12 OctoberRussian Grand Prix

02 NovemberGrand Prix of USA

09 NovemberBrazilian Grand Prix

23 NovemberAbu Dhabi Grand Prix

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Latest News

GP2 Belgium 2014

Feature Race


  1. Vandoorne

  2. Palmer

  3. Evans

  4. Marciello

  5. Cecotto

  6. Leal

  7. Berthon

  8. Trummer

  9. Sorensen

  10. Richelmi

  11. Nasr

  12. Pic

  13. De Jong

  14. Dillmann

  15. Daly

  16. Coletti

  17. Binder

  18. Abt

  19. Haryanto

  20. Quaife-Hobbs

  21. Sato

  22. Lancaster

  23. Canamasas

  24. Negrao

  25. Izawa

  26. Markelov [Penalty, starts from pit lane.]

Richelmi and Izawa are both definitely on slicks. The sky is black. I despair sometimes.

Formation lap underway and Lancaster has stalled on the grid, he'll now start from the pit lane behind Markelov.

The race starts at the same moment that the rain starts to fall. Palmer had a terrible start he's down to 8th and is now battling his championship rival Nasr.

Yellows are out on the first lap. Daly has gone into the wall at Paul Frere.

At the end of lap 1 Vandoorne still leads.

Safety car is now out.

De Jong pits for wets as do Richelmi and Izawa.

23 laps to go and the red flag has been given.

Top 3 is Vandoorne, Cecotto, Marciello. Evans had been in 2nd but spun under the safety car.

Race will resume at 16:10 [CET]. However the rain has taken this as a cue to start again. I have a feeling that Spa is determined that this race is going to be wet.

The race will restart under the SC.

21 laps remain as the race has been restarted. Our leader is the silver Mercedes- oh no! That's the SC.

Pit entry is closed for safety reasons.

SC in this lap. We'll be racing again soon.

Pit entry open.

Vandoorne weaves and waits and guns it as he hits the safety car line, however Cecotto was waiting and takes advantage as Vandoorne goes too deep into turn 1.

However Cecotto then runs too deep but manages to get back on track and retain the lead.

Cecotto told to let Vandoorne through which he does.

Nasr goes up the inside of Berthon putting another position between him and Palmer.

Cecotto runs wide at Blanchimont but manages to hold on to second. Obviously the team telling him to surrender the lead has made him lose some momentum.

Abt is pitting and getting more wets.

Marciello finally gets past Cecotto. He went around the outside as they came up to Les Combes.

Coletti pits.

Contact between Bethon and Trummer. Trummer's front wing is damaged. Surely he needs to pit now.

Berthon and Negrao and Dillmann are all past Trummer who is refusing to give up positions gracefully.

Trummer pits for a new wing.

Trummer and Berthon incident is under investigation – causing a collision.

Coletti is out. He had fresh wets however he made the risky decision to pass Canamasas. It ended badly as he didn't give room and Coletti loses it as he brakes on the kerb.

Drive through for Berthon – the stewards deemed he didn't give Trummer room.

Izawa pits for more wets.

Marciello is closing down the gap to Vandoorne.

Palmer is told to box. He puts on more wets.

Incident between Markelov and Dillmann will be investigated after the race – causing a collision.

After much battling Markelov manages to get past Canamasas. I would have written more about it but any move involving Canamasas has me whimpering.

Canamasas and Abt have a small battle up Eau Rouge. Abt keeps ahead.

Vandoorne pits with 8 laps to go.

Cecotto has a very slow exit from the pit, 4th place Nasr must have been thinking that Christmas has come early.

Canamasas tries to force Haryanto off and ends up turning himself around. Karma is a beautiful thing.

Marciello pits and comes out behind Vandoorne. It was close though.

Evans goes up the inside of Palmer. He's had a terrible race.

Marciello is told he's good to push until the end of the race.

Vandoorne makes a mistake at the chicane and Marciello is right under his rear wing.

Three laps left to go and the young Italian is desperate to get his first win.

Marciello takes the lead off Vandoorne!

Yellows out for a stranded Haryanto. He was at the chicane though what happened I don't know.

Abt is told that he's fighting for reverse pole.

Abt goes up the inside of Negrao for 8th.

Marciello wins, Vandoorne 2nd, Cecotto 3rd.


  1. Marciello

  2. Vandoorne

  3. Cecotto

  4. Nasr

  5. Evans

  6. Palmer

  7. Markelov

  8. Abt

  9. Negrao

  10. De Jong

  11. Quaife-Hobbs

  12. Dillmann

  13. Leal

  14. Sorensen

  15. Pic

  16. Izawa

  17. Sato

  18. Trummer

  19. Lancaster

  20. Canamasas

  21. Richelmi

  22. Berthon


Haryanto, Coletti, Binder, Daly


Sprint Race


  1. Abt

  2. Markelov

  3. Palmer

  4. Evans

  5. Nasr

  6. Cecotto

  7. Vandoorne

  8. Marciello

  9. Negrao

  10. De Jong

  11. Quaife-Hobbs

  12. Dillmann

  13. Leal

  14. Sorensen

  15. Pic

  16. Izawa

  17. Sato

  18. Trummer

  19. Lancaster

  20. Canamasas

  21. Richelmi

  22. Berthon

  23. Haryanto

  24. Coletti

  25. Binder

  26. Daly

Izawa and Trummer are starting on the softer tyres.

Bad start for Markelov.

Nasr takes the lead. Abt down to 2nd and Palmer is 3rd.

Palmer and Evans run wide. Abt has a wiggle and loses a few places.

Cecotto is all over the back of Palmer. He makes the move on the Kemmel Straight after getting a better run up Eau Rouge.

Markelov seems to be struggling, he's making mistake after mistake.

Marciello is down in 24th. He spun on the first lap.

Turn 5 incident between Markelov and Palmer under investgation – causing a collision.

Lancaster is out of the race he appears to have stopped on track.

Markelov also out, he made it to the pits though. The team were looking at the right side of his car.

No further action in the incident between Markelov and Marciello. (No idea what on earth is going on. Typical race control I'm afraid.)

Cecotto is slowly catching up to Nasr.

Evans gets past Negrao, a move he's been eyeing up for a few laps.

Vandoorne is next through on the Kemmel Straight. Although the Belgian lifted slightly going up Eau Rouge.

Quaife-Hobbs' front wing is looking a little odd, he suffers a massive lock up then pits. The damage occurred when he went straight on at Eau Rouge.

Cecotto is owning sector 1, Nasr has to really pull it out of the bag in sectors 2 and 3 just to hold him back.

Coletti goes around the outside of Negrao.

Yellows are out. Canamasas has stopped at the top of Eau Rouge. Marshals are rescuing his Trident.

Marciello makes a beautiful move on Trummer and Berthon follows him through.

Nasr seems to have gotten the measure of Cecotto now. I think the Brazillian has this now.

Evans, Abt and Palmer are all quite close together. The battle isn't over for 3rd.

Evans is up to 4th, can he get 3rd with ¾ of a lap to go.

Abt seems to have a problem.

Nasr wins, Cecotto 2nd and Palmer just about takes 3rd.


  1. Nasr

  2. Cecotto

  3. Palmer

  4. Evans

  5. Abt

  6. Vandoorne

  7. Coletti

  8. Negrao

  9. Dillmann

  10. Leal

  11. Sorensen

  12. Richelmi

  13. De Jong

  14. Marciello

  15. Berthon

  16. Haryanto

  17. Trummer

  18. Sato

  19. Daly

  20. Pic

  21. Quaife-Hobbs

  22. Izawa

  23. Binder


Canamasas, Markelov, Lancaster


Char :)

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