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2014 Calendar

16 MarchAustralian Grand Prix

30 MarchMalaysian Grand Prix

06 AprilGrand Prix of Bahrain

20 AprilChinese Grand Prix

11 MaySpanish Grand Prix

25 MayGrand Prix of Monaco

08 JuneCanadian Grand Prix

22 JuneAustrian Grand Prix

06 JulyBritish Grand Prix

20 JulyGerman Grand Prix

27 JulyHungarian Grand Prix

24 AugustBelgian Grand Prix

07 SeptemberItalian Grand Prix

21 SeptemberGrand Prix of Singapore

05 OctoberJapanese Grand Prix

12 OctoberRussian Grand Prix

02 NovemberGrand Prix of USA

09 NovemberBrazilian Grand Prix

23 NovemberAbu Dhabi Grand Prix

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Latest News

Russian GP3 Review

First thing's first, I just want to take a moment to say my thoughts are with Jules Bianchi and his family and friends. I was shocked and saddened by what happened at Suzuka


  1. Stoneman

  2. Fontana

  3. Kirchhofer

  4. Zamparelli

  5. Eriksson

  6. Ceccon

  7. Lynn

  8. Niederhauser

  9. Bernstorff

  10. Yelloly

  11. Mardenborough

  12. Tuscher

  13. Visoiu

  14. Agostini

  15. Gilbert

  16. Varhaug

  17. Kujala

  18. Celis Jr

  19. Sa Silva

  20. Urrutia

  21. Mason

  22. Martsenko

  23. Stanaway [pitlane start. He forgot to go to the weighbridge after quali]

Stoneman is in the Korainen normally driven by Jorda. I didn't realise that car had any speed in it to be quite honest. Goes to show what talent can do.

Good start from Zamparelli and Stoneman.

Lynn seems to be going backwards and there are yellows are briefly out.

Zamparelli suffers a massive lock up and goes deep. That's not his only incident as he goes into the side of Bernstorff and breaks the Carlin driver's suspension.

Gilbert and Visoiu also pit.

Incident between Gilbert and Visoiu under investigation – causing a collision

Stanaway overtakes Tuscher for 13th place. It was a beautiful, clean move.

Stoneman has a 2 second lead.

Tuscher's out. He's stopped at turn 13.

Mardenborough runs wide allowing Lynn to have a look at him however he remains in 7th.

Zamparelli has a drive through penalty – causing a collision.

Gilbert also receives a drive through penalty – causing a collision.

Stanaway is up to 12th.

Lynn has been closing on Mardenborough but he's still not made any headway.

Mardenborough's engine cover is loose and air is getting under there. Worrying times.

Stoneman has a little lock up. He's still pushing.

Lynn takes a look at the start of the final lap but he can't get past.

Stoneman wins, Kirchhofer 2nd and Fontana 3rd.


  1. Stoneman

  2. Kirchhofer

  3. Fontana

  4. Eriksson

  5. Ceccon

  6. Mardenborough

  7. Lynn

  8. Niederhauser

  9. Yelloly

  10. Varhaug

  11. Agostini

  12. Stanaway

  13. Kujala

  14. Urrutia

  15. Mason

  16. Celis Jr

  17. Sa Silva

  18. Zamparelli

  19. Martsenko

  20. Gilbert


Tusher, Visoiu, Bernstorff.


  1. Niederhauser

  2. Lynn

  3. Mardenborough

  4. Ceccon

  5. Eriksson

  6. Fontana

  7. Kirchhofer

  8. Stoneman

  9. Yelloly

  10. Varhaug

  11. Agostini

  12. Stanaway

  13. Kujala

  14. Urrutia

  15. Celis Jr

  16. Sa Silva

  17. Zamparelli

  18. Martsenko

  19. Gilbert

  20. Tuscher

  21. Visoiu

  22. Bernstorff

Niederhauser gets a brilliant start. As does Mardenborough who overtook Lynn for 2nd.

SC out as there's a 4 car crash. Fontana, Varhaug, Agostini and Stanaway all involved. Fontana appears to have bore the brunt of it as he was squeezed by Eriksson. All drivers are out of the cars of their own volition.


The Status car of Stanaway has literally been torn apart. The gearbox isn't attached to the car. Huge damage there.

Turn 1 incident between Fontana and Eriksson under investigation – causing a collision

Race resumes under SC.

The SC stays out for an additional lap to guide the cars through the crash site for the first time.

The SC will be in this lap meaning lap 4 will be the first racing lap of today.

Niederhauser launches early and catches Mardenborough and Lynn napping. Good work from the Arden driver.

Lynn is close to Mardenborough and is eyeing 2nd.

Stoneman overtakes Ceccon

10 second stop/go penalty for Eriksson – causing a collision.

Kirchhofer is all over the back of Lynn. He wants another podium.

Kirchhofer gets the inside line for turn 3 and moves into 3rd. Stoneman decides to strike while the iron's hot and also gets past Lynn.

Eriksson comes into the pits to take his penalty.

Mardenborough is being caught by Kirchhofer and Stoneman is sticking close to him. Could he be the latest victim of two places.

Kirchhofer keeps his nerve as Mardenborough tries to hold him back. The Brit is unsuccessful though as the German goes up to 2nd.

Stoneman is looking racy and it's just a matter of time before he makes an attempt for 3rd.

Stoneman tries to get past Mardenborough going into turn 2 but he goes slightly wide and has to lift off.

Ceccon has fallen back quite substantially and is going into battle with Bernstorff.

Ceccon retires his car, he appears to have had a problem.

Stoneman genuinely can't get past Mardenborough.

Brief moment of yellows at turn 13.

Stoneman makes a mistake and Lynn pounces but isn't able to pass meaning that he's quickly being pressured by Yelloly.

Yellows out, as is SC. The car of Martsenko has stopped on track.

Lights are out on the SC. Time to go racing again.

Niederhauser restarts in the same place as before but this time Kirchhofer goes with.

Stoneman has the momentum and goes to the inside of turn 3 and grabs 3rd. Lynn also passes Mardenborough but the Arden driver isn't letting it go that easy and takes back 4th.

Kirchhofer is desperate to take the win but Niederhauser is defending beautifully.

Stoneman gets in on the act and is after the win too. The three drivers are all over the back of each other.

Kirchhofer briefly takes the lead but locks up at the next corner and Niederhauser takes it back and then he loses second to Stoneman.

Stoneman then attempts to get the lead but Niederhauser covers it and manages to win.


  1. Niederhauser

  2. Stoneman

  3. Kirchhofer

  4. Mardenborough

  5. Lynn

  6. Yelloly

  7. Celis Jr

  8. Bernstorff

  9. Kujala

  10. isoiu

  11. Tuscher

  12. Urrutia

  13. Zamparelli

  14. Gilbert

  15. Sa Silva

  16. Eriksson


Martsenko, Ceccon, Fontana, Varhaug, Agostini, Stanaway

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