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Latest News

GP2 Bahrain 2014

As a rookie about to watch GP2 for the first time, I have to say I'm excited about being asked to review the races this year for FOFA. I hope to be able to give you all a reminder of the excitement of falling in love with a race series all over again. So sit back and enjoy seeing me possibly get muddled in places in what will hopefully be an informative review.




  • Pole man is J. Palmer

  • 2nd is S. Vandoorne

  • 3rd D. Abt

  • 4th S. Richelmi

  • 5th R. Haryanto

  • 6th S. Coletti

  • 7th M. Evans

  • 8th R. Marciello

  • 9th A. Pic

  • 10th J. Lancaster

  • 11th [3 place penalty, incident with Cecotto] F. Nasr

  • 12th J. Leal

  • 13th J. Cecotto

  • 14th A. Negrao

  • 15th A. Rossi

  • 16th K. Sato

  • 17th R. Binder

  • 18th C. Daly

  • 19th F. Regalia

  • 20th N. Berthon

  • 21st S. Trummer

  • 22nd D. de Jong

  • 23rd T. Izawa

  • 24th A. Quaife-Hobbs

  • 25th A. Jefferies

  • 26th A. Markelov


Crikey! That's a bit of a full grid! I think I may need some help keeping track of all these cars. Intrigued to know exactly why Nasr has a penalty and I'm happy to see a few names I recognise.


A new rule is that in race 1 all drivers must use both sets of tyres as the drivers have been exploiting a prime-prime strategy in order to win. Well that is what they're there to do but equality is good. We like equality.


As the cars move off for their formation lap Trummer has stalled the car on the grid, everyone else got round him and now marshals are there to give him a push back to the pits, that's where he has to start now. Losing places before the race has started is never good.


Bad start for Palmer he's down to 6th, Vandoorne leads. Nasr makes up for receiving a grid penalty by making his way to 7th.


Regalia's Hilmer is pulled off to the side. Our first DNF of the season. Yellows are out.


Richelmi is hounding Vandoorne for 1st but his attempts are currently unsuccessful. Coletti is 3rd. Evans has passed Haryanto for 4th.


Jefferies is off and it's a big one, managed to lose both wings, front wing is gone with the nose... SC is deployed. Replay shows Jefferies is defending against Sato and the latter's nose hit his crash box.


GP2 has decided to save money by keeping the car they've been running for another three seasons. I like this. Opening up the series for more talented drivers is never a bad thing.


SC in with 26 laps remaining.


Although someone has managed to go off...


Pit lane opens and many cars enter the pit to go to the prime tyre.


Pic makes a beautiful move on Cecotto who then decides to pit.


DAMS pit Palmer at just the right time, he jumps Evans and is now dicing with Haryanto.


Cecotto's dicing with Nasr but runs him off the road. Nasr's unhappy but they have history.


The Sato/Jefferies incident is under investigation.


Our leader pits and comes out with plenty of space. Good work from ART.


The leading cars have yet to pit, essentially Vandoorne retains his lead and Palmer's pit strategy has put him 2nd.


Cecotto makes a forceful move on Pic but the younger brother of Charles is refusing to give up easily.


10 second stop/go for Sato.


Now the stewards are investigating Marciello for speeding in the pit lane and the drive through penalty is a very swift decision.


With 20 laps remaining Sato takes his stop/go penalty.


Current leader on the road is Berthon


Lap 14 and Daly seems to be holding everyone up a little. The guys behind him are looking racy.


Brilliant move from Trummer, leaving 2 cars to scrap then overtaking them both.


Cecotto is under investigation for track limits. Buxton is now over exaggerating the MSA track limits rule. Stick to what you know. It's a three strike rule. Touring cars is my forte.


Daly pits to go from hard to soft. With 16 laps to go that could be risky.


Trummer is getting excited and goes to overtake Berthon who's trying to pit.


Drive-through for Cecotto, exceeding track limits and overtaking a car.


Berthon has a very slow pit stop as the right rear doesn't want to race today. Now he's being told to stop the car but he ignores the order and drives back to the pit. Front right also objects to racing on Berthon's car. His race is ruined but he's continuing on with the race.


Lap 20 sees Cecotto taking his penalty. Which was well deserved as he seemed to forget that the track is the black bit while overtaking Pic.


Just hearing that the top 22 cars were separated by 1.1 seconds in qualifying.


Pic makes a beautiful moves on Richelmi. I think he may be one to watch.


Trummer is still our leader on the road, he's not pitted yet. It's incredible! He's still got quite a gap on everyone else.


Now Pic has overtaken Evans. He's a man on a mission.


Nasr has taken the hint from Pic and is now going forward.


Pic has locked on to his next target, Haryanto, and he's gone. It's like he's a man possessed. I like him.


Haryanto is dropping back at an alarming rate. Nasr and Evans blast past him and then Nasr takes Evans.


Trummer still hasn't pitted but he really needs to. If he doesn't his race is ruined. His pit crew are having a chat but don't seem eager to fit new boots to their boy.


Pic is now hunting down the leaders. Will he be able to catch up in the final five laps?


Just a quick note to say I'm impressed with how consistent the gap between Vandoorne and Palmer has been.


Rapax are pitting Trummer on the last lap. It's a bad strategy but hopefully Trummer can rescue something from this.


Leal makes the move on Palmer and as he seems to be asleep the move is simple.


Evans is a sitting duck as 2 cars on softs sail past.


Trummer finally pits with 3 laps to go! Miracle! He comes out in 9th. Have Rapax used this as an opportunity to get their driver reverse pole?


Coletti has decided that he wants to take 3rd off Palmer. The latter is having issues and is braking early.


Trummer is now in 7th. He overtook Quaife-Hobbs and Nasr in one go.


Vandoorne wins his début GP2 race! Leal 2nd and Palmer just manages to scrape 3rd. Nasr takes reverse pole.


Disappointment for Berthon who's stopped out on track on the final lap.




  • 1st S. Vandoorne

  • 2nd J. Leal

  • 3rd J. Palmer

  • 4th S. Coletti

  • 5th A. Pic

  • 6th T. Izawa

  • 7th S. Trummer

  • 8th F. Nasr

  • 9th R. Binder

  • 10th A. Quaife-Hobbs

  • 11th D. de Jong

  • 12th C. Daly

  • 13th D. Abt

  • 14th M. Evans

  • 15th A. Markelov

  • 16th R. Haryanto

  • 17th J. Lancaster

  • 18th R. Marciello

  • 19th S. Richelmi

  • 20th A. Negrao

  • 21st J. Cecotto

  • 22nd A. Rossi

  • 23rd N. Berthon [+2 laps]




  • K. Sato

  • A. Jefferies

  • F. Regalia


So that's it for the 1st race of the 2014 GP2 season. I hope you've enjoyed my review although I've probably missed something. Incredible race. Very exciting. I think I'm going to like GP2. Now all that's left to find out is who will come out on top in the sprint race:




  • 1st F. Nasr

  • 2nd S. Trummer

  • 3rd T. Izawa

  • 4th A. Pic

  • 5th S. Coletti

  • 6th J. Palmer

  • 7th J. Leal

  • 8th S. Vandoorne

  • 9th R. Binder

  • 10th A. Quaife-Hobbs

  • 11th D. de Jong

  • 12th C. Daly

  • 13th D. Abt

  • 14th M. Evans

  • 15th A. Markelov

  • 16th R. Haryanto

  • 17th J. Lancaster

  • 18th R. Marciello

  • 19th S. Richelmi

  • 20th A. Negrao

  • 21st J. Cecotto

  • 22nd A. Rossi

  • 23rd N. Berthon

  • 24th K. Sato

  • 25th A. Jefferies

  • 26th F. Regalia


Jefferies is okay after his big crash in the feature race and that's a good thing to know. Also let's hope Trummer doesn't stall on the formation lap this time. He really would kick himself to lose 2nd on the grid.


Congratulations to Trummer for getting off the line. In fact I can't see any issues this time meaning the full field will start on the grid.


Leal up to 3rd, Trummer leading, Palmer 2nd and Nasr had a dreadful start losing places. Two cars stalled on the grid, Coletti is one I think Negrao is the other.


Lap 2 sees Palmer take the lead in the 1st corner. Vandoorne has damage to his front wing and Izawa is also going backwards. Rossi loses 4 places by running wide. Vandoorne and Rossi pit.


Replay shows that Vandoorne had contact with de Jong causing him to be a sitting duck when getting hit by Markelov. Replays also show Nasr made up a lot of places after he lost them. Rossi's off was caused by a puncture.


Pic is pushing Nasr, he really is a fighter. He wants to make up for that bad start.


Evans overtakes Binder and de Jong is lurking in the background waiting for his chance.


Wow! No pit stops are allowed. Now we're talking my kind of racing!


Haryanto passes Daly but Daly shows him who's boss and keeps his position. Izawa takes advantage of the situation and overtakes Haryanto.


Izawa is all over the back of Daly.


Haryanto gets passed by Markelov.


There's not much happening as this race involves tyre preservation


Markelov and Izawa overtake Daly then Markelov passes Izawa because he can.


There's a four way tussle between Marciello, Berthon, Cecotto and Abt marvellous racing from them all except Marciello who has dropped right back.


Palmer is told he's taking too much out of his tyres


Rossi pits and comes out with option tyres? What is he doing?


Berthon has lost 2 places.


Daly has a problem. He's gone over a stray turning vane.


Haryanto is defending against Abt. The latter of which has slight damage.


It's game over for Daly. Let's hope he can get the budget to continue.


Trummer has been told to attack Palmer if he wants to win.


Quaife-Hobbs is struggling. Nasr is eyeing up 4th.


Trummer is taking a tenth a lap out of Palmer. Will it be enough?

Abt finally overtakes Haryanto


Quaife-Hobbs is holding up 5th - 8th positions.


Nasr passes Quaife-Hobbs now it's Pic's turn but he's too busy defending from Richelmi.


Richelmi passes Pic, but it wasn't a clean. There was a slight touch.


Now Evans, Pic and Binder are all having a battle. Pic is the big loser dropping to 9th.


Richelmi takes Quaife-Hobbs on the last lap.


Today's winner is Palmer, Trummer takes 2nd and our podium is completed by Leal.




  • 1st J. Palmer

  • 2nd S. Trummer

  • 3rd J. Leal

  • 4th F. Nasr

  • 5th S. Richelmi

  • 6th A. Quaife-Hobbs

  • 7th M. Evans

  • 8th R. Binder

  • 9th A. Pic

  • 10th A. Markelov

  • 11th D. De Jong

  • 12th T. Izawa

  • 13th D. Abt

  • 14th J. Cecotto

  • 15th J. Lancaster

  • 16th R. Haryanto

  • 17th N. Berthon

  • 18th A. Negrao

  • 19th K. Sato

  • 20th F. Regalia

  • 21st A. Jefferies

  • 22nd S. Vandoorne

  • 23rd S. Coletti

  • 24th R. Marciello

  • 25th A. Rossi

  • 26th C. Daly


So that's it for Bahrain. Palmer leads the championship and I've survived my first weekend reviewing GP2. Now technically I should be all see you in Spain but you lucky people have me writing the Chinese F1 review so I'll be seeing you then.


Until next time,


Char :)

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