Hamilton to Mercedes; Perez to McLaren

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Hamilton to Mercedes; Perez to McLaren

Postby pob » Sat Sep 29, 2012 4:24 am

So what do you think of the big moves so far this silly season? :o

Hamilton's career continues to dangerously mirror Jacques Villeneuve's; could his move to Merc be a waste of his huge talent?

Perez to McLaren is a surprise, as he's from the Ferrari academyy, so the rumours of Vettel to Ferrari in 2014 are strengthened by Ferrari letting him join McLaren. It's a great step up for Perez; not bad for McLaren as they will at least now have two drivers with compatible driving styles: no more decisions about which direction to take car development.

Where does this leave Schumacher? No announcement of retirement yet and he's certainly still hungry (he even showed up at the recent young driver test!) Some people suggest a year at Ferrari, but that is unlikely as there are rumours Massa has already been signed up for next year and one of his reasons for retiring the first time was so Massa could stay. Personally, I hope to see him at Sauber next year.

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Re: Hamilton to Mercedes; Perez to McLaren

Postby siberianlady » Mon Oct 01, 2012 7:12 pm

I think Lewis had to make a move sometime..........he has been at McLaren all his life basically so maybe this is his chance to do something with another team. And there was nowhere else for him as FErrari have their own (weird) ideas and Red Bull are full up for the time being.It may actually be good for him.......time will tell.

Was surprised at Perez going to McLaren........as you say as a Ferrari young driver........due to not being experienced enough..although the others in the frame (Hulkenberg and Di Resta) are not exactly experienced either so maybe there is a Vettel move on the cards there.....who knows?
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