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Monaco GP2 2013 Review

Arden took the entire front row, headed by Johnny Cecotto, in the Friday feature race after a difficult start to the year for the team. Incidentally, this was their first front-row lockout in their GP2 history, their last similar result at this level being in Belgium back in 2004 when F1's feeder series was still known as F3000.

The 42-lap race started with a pile-up of over half of the field, sparked by Cecotto and Leimer as the former overshot the first corner and both ended up in the wall. Palmer's spin blocked the other half of the circuit, causing more crashes than the original mistake. The incident ultimately brought out the red flag. Ironically, Canamasas' stalled Caterham was probably the luckiest cockpit to be in given the carnage that ensued. remaining in the race for the restart were Evans, Bird, Ceccon, Nasr, Calado, Richelmi, Lancaster, Quaiffe-Hobbs, de Jong, Trummer, Coletti, Haryanto, Rosenzweig and Dillmann

The Safety Car was put at the front of the grid to avoid a second pile-up into Ste Devote. Evans led Bird into the green flag run for the final 40 laps. Ceccon, Nasr, Calado and Richelmi, Lancaster, Quaiffe-Hobbs, de Jong and Trummer completed the top ten.

As the 6th lap started Bird was getting ever closer to Evans' Arden, his harder tyres apparently holding out better than the super-soft compound on the leading car.

Calado broke Bird's consistent fastest laps on lap 7, while Coletti and Dillmann pitted early for the harder tyres. Haryanto made the same move a lap later, as did Abt.

Calado and Quaiffe-Hobbs pitted at the end of lap nine, while Ceccon and Nasr closed on  the leading pair and Coletti set the fastest lap.

Nasr pitted on lap 10, pulling the camera away from Bird taking a look at Evans although the Russian Time car was still in second. Ceccon was very much a part of this fight now, but was - surprisingly - the only driver to pit on lap 11 of the top 3 drivers. Evans bailed a lap later, but was that too late for Bird to make the best of his tyres? It certainly wasn't what Evans needed, as Ceccon and Nasr now sandwiched the Arden driver.

Out-of-sync second-placed driver de Jong pitted on lap 15, losing a lot of time to a malfunctioning jack. He nearly took out Haryanto on the pit exit, also marginally cutting the white line. He was subsequently put under investigation for that and awarded a drive-through penalty.

Bird pitted on lap 16, changing only the rear tyres and keeping a commanding lead.

Trummer pitted with just 15 laps to go, before Haryanto was squeezed a little too far by Abt overtaking him and parked the Addax in the wall with a crumpled front wing. The pair were put under investigation as Binder finally pitted from a false second place.

Abt was given a drive-through penalty that seemed rather harsh after the retirement of Haryanto.

At the bottom of the hill into Mirabeau Trummer cleared Rosenzweig, the latter parking in the run-off area and being forced to reverse onto the track before he resumed, losing a couple more places in the process.

Abt lost another lap after pitting again to fix his wing, as he ran wide at Mirabeau and lost out to the battle for second through fifth.

Sam Bird took a dominant victory in the second attempt at the Monagesque feature race, followed eventually by Ceccon, Evans, Nasr, Calado, Coletti, Binder, Quaiffe-Hobbs (taking the reverse grid pole for Saturday afternoon), Richelmi and de Jong. Outside the points were Dillmann, Lancaster, Trummer, Rosenzweig, Canamasas and Abt. Retiring from the feature race were Haryanto, Cecotto, Leimer, Palmer, Leal, Frijns, Ericsson, Rossi, Berthon and Giovesi.


Cecotto found himself banned from the sprint race after the first corner incident, despite most of the crash not being his fault. It looked more like a belated punishment for his driving in Barcelona.

Raindrops were falling on the grid as the drivers set off for the warm-up lap, but the complete field started on slick tyres. Rossi was the only driver who chanced the super-soft rubber.

Quaiffe-Hobbs led comfortably into the first corner, which this time saw no collisions. Evans jumped Calado for 3rd place, with Coletti running in 2nd. Binder had dropped to 6th, behind Nasr who cleared Calado into the first corner of the secod lap.

Coletti threw the Rapax car up the inside of Quaiffe-Hobbs' MP into the Nouvelle Chicane on lap 3, taking the lead. Meanwhile Abt was put under investigation for a jump start - presumably a cut-and-dried case as the sensors on the grid don't lie. A drive-through penalty was inevitable. Trummer was given the same penalty for a similar infringement.

Evans was now on the back of Quaiffe-Hobbs, the Arden driver having to keep an eye on his mirrors as Nasr stayed glued to his tail. Calado was staying with that fight as well. Behind them Binder was on his own in 6th, ahead of Bird and Ceccon who rounded out the top 8.

Dillmann went 2 laps down after pitting to repair damage from an incident with Trummer.

After the first twelve laps of the race Coletti was commanding the pace with Quaiffe-Hobbs and Evans following, a safe distance apart. Nasr retained 4th ahead of Calado and Nasr, while Ceccon had cleared Bird into the Nouvelle Chicane. Richelmi watched on from 9th place.

Palmer cleared Canamasas into La Rasse-Casse in identical fashion to Abt the day before, although this time the Caterham survived the move as well.

De Jong was sat in 10th watching the battle between Bird and Richelmi for the final point. As they entered the second half of the race Bird was suddenly overtaken by the massive queue of cars behind him after what looked like contact between his back end and the front of Richelmi's DAMS which now held the final point.

At the sharp end of the action Evans was once again being challenged by Nasr, who in turn had Calado closing on him.

Bird pitted, rejoining a lap down with what still looked like a limping Russian Time.

Lancaster dropped 5 places in a very short space of time, being clipped by Rosenzweig directly on his rear tyre.

With the final 3 laps starting the top 5 were within 4 seconds of one another, Coletti still leading his home race.

Coletti held on to win in Monaco, leading home Quaiffe-Hobbs, Evans, Nasr, Calado, Binder, Ceccon and Richelmi. Outside the points were de Jong, Rosenzweig, Canamasas, Palmer, Leimer, Leal, Frins, Haryanto, Lancaster, Ericsson, Rossi, Giovesi, Berthon, Abt, Trummer, Bird and Dillmann, the last two both lapped.



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