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2014 Malaysian Grand Prix Review

With the odd raindrop falling an hour before qualifying started, Malaysia promised to throw as much action as possible our way. Where Australia showed the cars on a green circuit running what for some was still effectively a shakedown test, Malaysia seemed to be gearing up for a test of at least mixed conditions, if not the outright monsoons we've seen in the past.

Outside of Red Bull's apparent return to form, the story of practice was Lotus actually getting laps on the board with both cars. Friday saw failures and difficulties galore for the two E22s, but Saturday morning saw a change in fortunes for the Enstone squad. Meanwhile McLaren had issues in the final session, sensor issues shutting off both engines and restricting their running.

With even the Safety Car nearly losing its tail when testing the track conditions, Q1 was delayed for 50 minutes. This rather begs the question that comes up every year since it was done as to why qualifying and the race have been pushed to so late in the day when it is widely known that it rains later in the afternoon. The shortened 2009 race stands as testament to that.

Ericsson failed to start qualifying, stalling the car in the pit lane exit. Most cars were on inters, McLaren the notable exception.

Vettel was called back into the pits while over 3 seconds off the pace due to a problem with the number 1 car. Teammate Ricciardo was 1.5 seconds ahead of him at that point, some 6 places further up the table.

Rosberg reported increasing rain with 4 minutes of Q1 left, Vettel promptly going within a second of Rosberg – the first non-Mercedes to do so.

Ericsson finished the session almost a minute early, drawing out a red flag too late in the 18 minutes for a resumption. The passing Gutierrez was lucky not to be collected. Maldonado was 17th, leading Sutil, Bianchi, Kobayashi, Chilton and Ericsson.

Q2 saw Ferrari replace McLaren as the team risking intermediates as the rain started to fall again. Raikkonen reported aquaplaning and returned to the pits immediately for the right tyres. However, before he got there the red flag came out again after a light tap between Alonso and Kvyat left a small piece of debris at the turn 9 apex from the Toro Rosso's wing. Alonso's track rod was also broken. The pair were called to the stewards after the session.

At the second start of Q2, only Bottas gambled on the inters. Alonso was on track within a couple of minutes, suggesting the damage was fairly simple to fix. As the Ferrari left the pits, Bottas was tentatively going down the back straight and surprisingly carried on with the jittery car instead of taking on the more appropriate tyres.

Magnussen was lucky to save the McLaren from beaching at the last corner, pulling it back into the pit lane after spinning off.

Vettel set a last-minute outright fastest time in the middle sector, before Kvyat went 10th. Both Williams cars fell, along with Kvyat who was demoted by his teammate. The lower Toro Rosso qualified 11th in the end, ahead of Gutierrez, Massa, Perez, Bottas and Grosjean. Bottas was under investigation for possibly impeding Ricciardo, although with the Aussie in Q3 it made no difference.

Magnussen went into Q3 with a damaged diffuser thanks to his off-roading, while McLaren again ran the inters to start with, calling their rookie back in immediately for wets.

Mercedes immediately locked out the front row, although Alonso and then Vettel split the silver arrows. Meanwhile the other silver cars were proving Magnussen's switch to wets was wiser than Button sticking with inters, more than 2 seconds between the pair with only 3 minutes remaining.

Vettel just missed the cut, the first driver to take the flag which left him 2nd before the final times were set. Hamilton ultimately took pole ahead of Vettel, Rosberg, Alonso, Ricciardo, Raikkonen, Hülkenberg, Magnussen, Vergne and Button.

While the weather was seen in advance as the deciding factor, Perez was more concerned that his car should work before turning his attention to the race as he came to a halt in the pit exit. A hydraulic issue was the problem, and making the start was touch and go for the Mexican. Sadly the car failed to take his 14th place before the formation lap.

Everyone elected to start on the softer tyres, leaving the hard compound until the track cooled down a bit. Pirelli anticipated a 3-stop strategy as the way to go.

Mercedes led 1-2 into turn 1 ahead of the two Red Bulls with Ricciardo up to 3rd. Both Ferraris rounded out the top 6 although Hülkenberg cleared Raikkonen after the first sector. Further back Massa overtook Gutierrez, Bottas sitting on the Sauber's tail. Bianchi and Maldonado came together at turn 4, Bianchi losing his left rear tyre.

Magnussen overtook Raikkonen on lap 2, the Finn seemingly taking a puncture as a result of the move. Button took the place from Magnussen a lap later.

Raikkonen was right at the back of the pack, his only hope for points being a Safety Car. The odds were against the Finn given the wide run-offs at the Sepang circuit.

Massa took 8th from Magnussen, seconds before Vettel took 3rd from his teammate. The McLaren returned the favour, which was more than Ricciardo could do.

The Maldonado/Bianchi collision was put under investigation as the leaders started lap 5. A couple of laps later they did the same with the Magnussen/Raikkonen move.

Gutierrez made something of a rookie error, running a bit wide and allowing Kvyat into 11th.

Bianchi's penalty was the first to be given, a 5-second stop-go penalty. Maldonado would pit before him, however, with the Lotus called to retire.

Magnussen started the main phase of the first round of stops, pitting on lap 9 for both new tyres and a nose, in turn releasing the Williams pair. Bianchi, a lap down, also pitted.

Magnussen, just out of the pits, was handed a 5-second stop-go penalty to be taken at his next stop for the contact with Raikkonen.

The second Toro Rosso pitted on lap 10, Vergne running the harder tyres since lap 2 while Kvyat now switched to a new set of mediums.

Alonso stopped on lap 11, promoting Hülkenberg to 5th. Ricciardo went a lap later, looking for the undercut on Vettel but so nearly losing out to Alonso in the process. Unsurprisingly, Vettel was only one lap behind Ricciardo on strategy. Button pitted on the same lap, Massa having also pitted earlier.

The unstopped Bottas held up Vettel on his outlap, Ricciardo following his teammate through when the world champion eventually slid past. The Williams' tyres were obviously past their best as Alonso got through without much effort.

Rosberg pitted on lap 14, leaving Hamilton to lead on from Hülkenberg for a further lap, before the Force India took the position when Hamilton stopped.

Finally pitting, Bottas was able to just stay in the points, although Massa had by far the better strategy so far at Williams with 7th place his own.

Hülkenberg pitted on lap 16, making it marginal for a 2-stop strategy.

Ericsson was mastering defensive driving, holding up both Vergne and Raikkonen. Inevitably the Ferrari did overtake the Caterham, while the Toro Rosso pitted again.

Raikkonen pitted for the second time on lap 18, out of sync thanks to the early stop after his puncture.

A rather frustrated Vergne became the 4th retirement, Bianchi having quietly preceded him. Meanwhile Kvyat lost 9th to Bottas.

With only a third of the race gone Mercedes told both drivers to turn down the power a bit, protecting the powertrains for future races.

Red Bull lost the fuel flow sensor totally on Ricciardo's car, forcing them to revert to the team's own measures.

Button sparked the second round of stops for the leaders, dropping to 9th before Alonso and Massa pitted, the latter falling behind the McLaren once more. Beyond the top 10, Magnussen sat 12th and just set the fastest lap at the halfway point. A lap later he cleared Kobayashi for 11th but seemed to have a problem with his DRS which only opened in the second activation zone.

Rosberg was warned there was rain near the circuit, although he was told it was “not absolutely imminent”. Pitting, Bottas dropped to 9th while Grosjean failed to take 12th from Kobayashi. It seemed that nobody was using DRS on the back straight, Grosjean also only using it out of the final corner to eventually clear the Caterham.

Vettel pitted, dropping behind Alonso but retaining the net position. Hamilton was staying out, eking out the tyres in case of rain. Rosberg was forced to cover the Red Bull, however. Hülkenberg again found himself temporarily jumping to 2nd, not able to lead this time despite Hamilton pitting on lap 33. Again, the Force India was in a lap later. Meanwhile Sutil came to an abrupt halt out of the final corner, parking on the inside but bringing out yellow flags nonetheless. In turn that brought a DRS deactivation.

Raikkonen said the magic word to the Ferrari team: rain at the far end of the circuit. With 34 laps run, the race was far from over.

Mercedes told Hamilton the rain wasn't sufficient to worry about, but with Rosberg being reeled in by Vettel the team must have been concerned.

The remaining Sauber pitted, the mechanics sitting around it as if they had never seen an F1 car before. Gutierrez turned the car off, signalling it was dysfunctional.

Vettel reported a leak of some sort from Rosberg's car, although the odd raindrops could be responsible. Indeed, Red Bull suspected it was rain as well.

Button dropped to 9th again as he pitted, Magnussen coming in as his teammate headed back to the track. Ricciardo pitted a lap later but stopped after the work was done and had to be wheeled back to the box with what appeared to be a loose wheel nut. His second attempt to leave the pits worked but he dropped behind Alonso – not for position, but putting a lap on the unfortunate Australian. Ricciardo was also put under investigation for an unsafe release, presumably earning car number 3 a further penalty. Then again that seemed a rather hollow gesture if such should happen, Ricciardo now driving with a front wing not only dragging on the floor but also slowly cutting through the right-front tyre. It looked as if the wing had simply detached itself from one of the hooks. Given Red Bull had had a photo taken earlier in the race, it was perhaps a situation the team were already anticipating. Race Control handed down a 10-second stop-go penalty. Red Bull claimed no knowledge of the cause of Ricciardo's wing failure.

Rosberg and Vettel pitted again with only a few laps remaining, Hamilton again following suit.

Massa was ordered to yield to Bottas, the team perhaps hoping Button would be more vulnerable to the faster driver. Meanwhile his former teammate finally muscled Hülkenberg out of the way, promoting the Ferrari to 4th.

Halfway round the final lap Massa still hadn't obeyed team orders, the pair all over each other with Button just in front.

Hamilton won from Rosberg, Vettel, Alonso, Hülkenberg, Button, Massa, Bottas, Magnussen and Kvyat. Beyond the points were Grosjean, Raikkonen, Kobayashi, Ericsson, Chilton and the rather frustrated Ricciardo who parked with a few laps remaining. Gutierrez, Sutil, Vergne, Bianchi and Maldonado also retired, while Perez of course hadn't even started.

This means that after Malaysia Rosberg topped the tables with 43 points, ahead of Hamilton's 25, Alonso's 24, Button's 23 and Magnussen's 20. Mercedes had 68, leading McLaren's 43, Ferrari's 30, Williams' 20, Force India's 19, Red Bull's 15 and finally Toro Rosso with just 7 points.

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