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Bahrain Grand Prix Review

As a female, member of an organisation supporting human rights for women and children and having lived for several years in the Middle East it was with scepticism that I took on the task of writing a report for FOFA on the race in Bahrain.

The race was to be held for the first time this year under floodlights- if F1 is turning “green” then do we really need 495 mast, 50000 lights, 500KM of cabling? My question was “would this make the annual Sheikh “private party” (you do not see many grandstands or fans in Bahrain lets be honest) any better?

As for the first two races of the season we had a Mercedes lockout of the front row- it seems their dominance has taken over where Red Bull left off- and can anyone catch them or at least make their lives a “little” more difficult? Would the boys at the front, Lewis and Nico be allowed to race or would they be told after the first or second pitstop to “hold position”?

Lights out and off they droned... I am convinced my lawnmower does make more noise than F1 these days. Lewis put in a brilliant start and took the lead after the first corner. Sebastian Vettel managed to maintain his 10th position despite having opted for the slower prime tyre (as did Sutil, everyone else starting on the faster and grippier options).

After 6 laps the order was Hamilton, Rosberg, Massa, Perez and Bottas - the Force Indias and Williams both doing well (don’t ask where Ferrari were... somewhere battling with Toro Rosso and the back markers but not quite as sorry a state as Lotus),

After lap 10 Jean-Eric Vergne in his Toro Rosso was already in danger of being lapped- yes the Mercs really are that fast!

Lap 13 Bianchi and Sutil collided- strangely although most of us thought Sutil was at fault it was Bianchi who ended up getting penalised... and after the race another 2 points on his licence (he now has 4).

Lap 15- oh oh... Ricciardo closing in on Vettel- will he be allowed to overtake? YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

Lap 20 Hamilton pits for new options... two laps later his teammate tries a different strategy and goes for primes... which will work best to win the race?

Lap 42 Safety car deployed as Maldonado exits the pits and collides with Gutierrez in his Sauber and flips him over... that was mega scary and who thinks the noses were made lower on grounds of safety? That definitely needs a rethink!

Lap 47 restart with 10 laps to go. The Merc boys at the front are each told by Paddy Lowe “bring both cars home”... and then the scraps began in earnest- not just between the Merc boys but nearly all teams- Force India, Williams, Red Bull, Ferrari... all teammates scrapping it out! What a joy to watch!

Top ten at the final flag Hamilton, Rosberg, Perez, Ricciardo, Hülkenberg, Vettel, Massa, Bottas, Alonso, Raikkönen.

Fazit: F1 is not dead and today we were treated to a real gem and no we did not need the floodlighting or any other gimmicks!



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