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GP2 Hockenheim 2014

Feature Race


  1. Palmer

  2. Vandoorne

  3. Coletti

  4. Dillmann

  5. Nasr

  6. Pic

  7. Marciello

  8. Rossi

  9. Trummer

  10. Cecotto [Penalty]

  11. Richelmi

  12. Binder

  13. Berthon

  14. Abt

  15. Evans

  16. Leal

  17. Daly

  18. Lancaster

  19. Negrao

  20. Markelov

  21. Quaife-Hobbs

  22. Izawa [Penalty]

  23. Canamasas

  24. Sorensen

  25. Haryanto [Penalty]

  26. De Jong

Dillmann has stalled on the grid

Vandoorne immediately swoops into the lead.

Canamasas spins Daly. Yellows in that section.

Nasr and Coletti are having a terrific dice over 3rd.

SC is out. Markelov is out and stranded by the side of the track.

Canamasas is being told to give back a position, I'm confused.

SC in, Vandoorne restarts wonderfully but Palmer's an old hand at SC restarts.

Evans squeezes Rossi and overtakes two cars. Rossi now out due to dodgy steering.

Marciello holds his own and overtakes Cecotto.

Leal first to pit.

Richelmi tries to do what Marciello did but Cecotto knows about it now and uses all the track forcing Richelmi wide. Sensing blood Evans dashes past Richelmi. He's a man on a mission.

Markelov and Lancaster incident will be investigated after the race.

1 lap later and Evans is past Cecotto.

Lancaster has a rallycross moment and goes off. His engineer won't be happy, he'd just told him to stay cool.

Richelmi and Abt pit. The former comes out ahead of Leal, the latter doesn't.

Pic and Marciello both pit and both of their cars have died. Marciello has been jump started and Campos do the same with Pic.

Evans pits. No engine issues for him.

Leal is holding up Abt, Quaife-Hobbs and Negrao.

Coletti is in tyre saving mode.

Evans is all over the back of Richelmi.

Evans is straight through as Richelmi forgets that you have to defend if you want to keep your position.

Canamasas goes wide and lets Daly and Dillmann past. Now Evans is right behind him.

Canamasas defends too hard and nearly makes contact with Evans.

Daly was overtaken by Dillmann during that and Evans and Richelmi make light work of getting past the American.

Daly pits with 18 laps to go. He becomes the 3rd victim of the mystery pit engine issue.

Cecotto is now in the pits. These guys are going on to the option tyres.

Evans overtakes Dillmann.

Marciello overtakes Lancaster.

Izawa and Dillmann pit.

Those who started on the prime tyres are struggling and there's doubt over whether the options will last for the rest of the race.

Palmer and Coletti pit and keep their revs high and clutches in.

Daly under investigation for speeding in the pit lane. He'd been on the radio asking how his limiter could be broken. He gets a drive through though.

Lancaster is out of the race.

Vandoorne pits from the lead, and he comes out behind Evans.

Richelmi allows Palmer past without argument.

Evans is told he's racing for 3rd.

Leal's tyres are completely dead.

The top 3 (Evans, Vandoorne, Palmer) are incredibly close. Evans gets a little breathing space though as the other two start scrapping with each other.

Cecotto is up to 5th.

Coletti tries to pass Quaife-Hobbs at turn 1 but runs wide and causes Nasr to have to swerve a little as he comes back on however the momentum is with him and he makes a move.

Turn 1 at the next lap sees Nasr do exactly what Coletti did the lap before and he loses the position he was gifted.

Coletti goes wide again but comes back on track in front of Quaife-Hobbs who loses his rhythm and another position as Nasr gets past. Then he manages to lose another position to Trummer.

Cecotto takes 4th off Richelmi and Coletti and Nasr also pass him, his tyres have given up the ghost, all he can do now is try not to lose too many places.

Nasr passes Coletti.

An incident between Leal and Sorensen will be investigated after the race.

Nasr passes Cecotto who then runs wide and loses a few more spots.

Palmer's backed off in 3rd and Vandoorne can't get past, somehow Evans takes the win!


  1. Evans

  2. Vandoorne

  3. Palmer

  4. Coletti

  5. Nasr

  6. Trummer

  7. Cecotto

  8. Berthon

  9. Sorensen

  10. Richelmi

  11. Binder

  12. Dillmann

  13. Izawa

  14. Quaife-Hobbs

  15. Canamasas

  16. Leal

  17. Marciello

  18. Negrao

  19. Pic

  20. Abt

  21. Daly

  22. Haryanto


Lancaster, De Jong, Rossi, Markelov


3 place penalty for Markelov due to his incident with Lancaster. As he DNF'd he'll be starting from the pitlane.



  1. Berthon

  2. Cecotto

  3. Trummer

  4. Nasr

  5. Coletti

  6. Palmer

  7. Vandoorne

  8. Evans

  9. Sorensen

  10. Richelmi

  11. Binder

  12. Dillmann

  13. Izawa

  14. Quaife-Hobbs

  15. Canamasas

  16. Leal

  17. Marciello

  18. Negrao

  19. Pic

  20. Abt

  21. Daly

  22. Haryanto

  23. Lancaster

  24. De Jong

  25. Rossi

  26. Markelov [Starting from pit lane]

The conditions are tricky, it's just stopped raining and half the track is on wets, the other on slicks. This is an interesting gamble that could pay off for half the grid, which half is anyone's guess.

Even the front row is interesting, Berthon has opted for wets but Cecotto has gambled on slicks and it could go either way once the race gets underway.

Pic is in the pits though I'm unsure why.

Leal spins on the formation lap.

The lights are out and those on slick tyres are unable to get any grip and are left scrabbling as the guys on wets manage to make up places.

Palmer seems to be eager to get off his wet tyres oddly enough but it's okay, his team mate is on fire! Oh no wait, that's an actual fire, that's not okay but Richelmi is out of the car safe and sound.

SC out while the stricken DAMS is retrieved.

The top 3 is currently Berthon, Evans and Sorensen.

Berthon reports oil on track as Cecotto spins. I really don't think anyone should be out on slicks if they're spinning under SC.

24 laps remaining and the racing can restart and it does with Evans taking the lead off Berthon.

Vandoorne has one of those moments of pure brilliance and takes Berthon AND Sorensen and is now 2nd.

That isn't good enough for the McLaren protegee and he soon leads the race and the podium positions are changing faster than I can really get my head around as Sorensen is now 2nd and Marciello is up to 3rd.

Haryanto and Canamasas make slight contact.

Marciello's out! His car is stuck in 6th gear. Yet more terrible luck for the young Italian.

Dillmann is grabbing the opportunity that Caterham Eq8 have given him with both hands as he overtakes Palmer. His next target is 3rd and he takes it beautifully.

Palmer gets past a struggling Evans.

Palmer pits as Cecotto spins again. Interesting timing from the championship leader.

Haryanto now manages to make contact with Evans.

Canamasas and Pic bash wheels.

Dillmann and Evans are the next to pit.

16 laps to go and the crossover point has been reached but it's not something to be taken lightly as Pic spins on his cold softs.

Canamasas and Pic incident was investigated and there's no further action.

The SC is out once again.

The rain has decided to make another appearance and our current leader is Negrao, who has yet to pit.

Coletti runs wide and Nasr is on a mission however the former is now up to 2nd.

The advantage has clearly shifted to those who started on slicks as Negrao pits and Coletti takes over the lead.

Nasr almost gets 2nd and it's not long before he does as Palmer loses a couple of places.

Cecotto retires from the race, it's been one to forget for him.

Binder and Canamasas under investigation – causing a collision.

Palmer manages to get past Rossi.

Coletti wins, Nasr 2nd, Vandoorne 3rd.


  1. Coletti

  2. Nasr

  3. Vandoorne

  4. Sorensen

  5. Lancaster

  6. Palmer

  7. Rossi

  8. Quaife-Hobbs

  9. Dillmann

  10. Haryanto

  11. Evans

  12. Markelov

  13. Canamasas

  14. Trummer

  15. Abt

  16. De Jong

  17. Berthon

  18. Leal

  19. Izawa

  20. Daly

  21. Negrao

  22. Binder


Cecotto, Pic, Marciello, Richelmi


Char :)

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