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Monza GP3 Review



  1. Eriksson

  2. Zamparelli

  3. Yelloly

  4. Bernstorff

  5. Stanaway

  6. Lynn

  7. Visoiu

  8. Kirchhofer

  9. Kujala

  10. Stoneman

  11. Tuscher

  12. Fontana

  13. Mardenborough

  14. Ceccon

  15. Varhaug

  16. Gilbert

  17. Niederhauser

  18. Mason

  19. Ghiotto

  20. Sa Silva

  21. Bryant-Meisner

  22. Agostini

  23. Celis Jr

  24. Cullen

  25. Urrutia

  26. Balthasar

  27. Jorda

Mason is in the pits, he won't be starting from his grid position.

Eriksson retains the lead but Zamparelli is looking feisty.

Varhaug off the track and out of the race.

Agostini just raced over the gravel. Not bad car control.

Stanaway is battling with Mardenborough after his mistake and contact with Varhaug.

Incident with Ghiotto, Fontana and Balthasar, who is currently trying to drive like Hamilton when he had his puncture.

Balthasar flew over the sausage kerbs.

Visoiu is holding back Kirchhofer beautifully.

Yellows are out, I think for Balthasar's Hilmer.

Kirchhofer under investigation – Overtaking under yellow flags.

Kujala and Lynn also under investigation for overtaking under yellow flags.

Stanaway is battling with Niederhauser in an attempt to regain lost ground.

Niederhauser then straight lined a chicane as he was too worried about holding Stanaway behind him. He nearly collected his team mate on re-entry though.

Cullen is out, went over the gravel and dug his nose in the grass.

Lynn tries to overtake Kujala but there's no room for him to pass.

Drive through for Visoiu – overtaking under yellows.

Mardenborough makes a beautiful move on Ceccon.

Fontana pulls the car into the pits, it's race over for him.

Visoiu takes his drive through.

Lynn overtakes Kujala around the outside.

Stoneman is under pressure from Lynn. He wants to capitalise on Stanaway's misfortune.

Zamparelli is catching Eriksson. There's 1 lap left though, it's touch and go.

Eriksson wins, Zamparelli is 2nd and Kirchhofer is 3rd.


  1. Eriksson

  2. Zamparelli

  3. Kirchhofer

  4. Bernstorff

  5. Stoneman

  6. Lynn

  7. Kujala

  8. Tuscher

  9. Stanaway

  10. Yelloly

  11. Mardenborough

  12. Ceccon

  13. Niederhauser

  14. Sa Silva

  15. Agostini

  16. Celis Jr

  17. Bryant-Meisnr

  18. Gilbert

  19. Visoiu

  20. Jorda

  21. Ghiotto


Fontana, Cullen, Urrutia, Balthasar, Varhaug, Mason





  1. Tuscher

  2. Kujala

  1. Lynn

  2. Stoneman

  3. Bernstorff

  4. Kirchhofer

  5. Zamparelli

  6. Eriksson

  7. Stanaway

  8. Yelloly

  9. Mardenborough

  10. Ceccon

  11. Niederhauser

  12. Sa Silva

  13. Agostini

  14. Celis Jr

  15. Bryant-Meisnr

  16. Gilbert

  17. Visoiu

  18. Jorda

  19. Ghiotto

  20. Fontana

  21. Cullen

  22. Urrutia

  23. Balthasar

  24. Varhaug

  25. Mason

Stoneman leads into the first corner and Lynn is up to 2nd.

Celis Jr has a look at Agostini but it comes to nothing.

Ceccon tries to go around the outside of Mardenborough at Parabolica. Entertaining to watch but as he goes out on to the green line he loses grip and has to fall back behind the Arden driver. But not for long as he gets the move done into turn 1.

My attention is quickly diverted to Yelloly missing the first chicane in order to avoid hitting his team mate and Ghiotto goes straight through the polystyrene blocks as he gets a slide on.

Kirchhofer goes up the inside of Tuscher at Lesmo 2. He's quickly followed by Kujala and Zamparelli also wants to get in on the action.

The Brit makes his way through at Parabolica. Poor Tuscher can't catch a break.

Excitement at the beginning of lap 3 as Stoneman has to defend massively in order to keep Lynn behind him. Hopefully an interesting battle for the win is coming up.

Zamparelli finds himself being overtaken by Tuscher and Stanaway swiftly follows.

Lynn tries to take the lead again but Stoneman is defending well.

Yelloly under investigation for gaining an advantage by leaving the track

Lynn is past Stoneman but not for long.

Bernstorff takes 2nd by going around the outside at Lesmo.

Lynn takes back 2nd around the outside of Parabolica.

In all the chaos Kirchhofer has caught up to the leading trio and tries to take 3rd from Bernstorff at the first chicane but backs out and ends up going over a few sausage kerbs.

That mistake costs him as Kujala and Tuscher are just waiting to take advantage. Yelloly has dropped back.

Yellow flags make an appearance as Tuscher goes over a kerb and straight into Kujala.

Yelloly slides up the inside of Tuscher. He also got past his team mate. 2 places made up on the way in to Ascari. Not bad.

Tuscher is dropping like a stone and makes his way into the pits. Looks like he picked up some damage from the incident with Kujala.

The Tuscher/Kujala incident is under investigation.

Tuscher is out of his car and therefore out of the race.

Ceccon gets past Zamparelli at Delarosia.

Drive through for Gilbert – causing a collision. Don't ask me, I'm clueless.

Celis Jr has pulled up at the side of the track, he has an issue with a tyre. He decided his car likes it rough but after going over a few kerbs the car disagreed.

Kirchhofer bides his time and it pays off as Bernstorff goes wide and into a gravel trap.

Yesterday's race winner, Eriksson, is having an anonymous day in 12th.

Kujala is out of the race. Must hurt to DNF when you start on the front row.

Mardenborough is struggling with some front wing damage and he loses a couple of positions to Sa Silva and Fontana.

Eriksson up to 11th as he gets past a struggling Mardenborough. Agostini also gets past him but at the start of the next lap Mardenborough manages to regain and defend the position.

Championship drama as Stanaway is pulled up at Delarosia.

After straight lining in the same place Mardenborough pulls up his car. Day over for him as well.

Sa Silva is right with Zamparelli and as the latter makes a mistake. Fontana and Eriksson get past and are eagerly after 8th position. Eriksson then forces Fontana into a little mistake and grabs the position at Ascari.

Stoneman wins, Lynn 2nd and Kirchhofer 3rd.


  1. Stoneman

  2. Lynn

  3. Kirchhofer

  4. Bernstorff

  5. Yelloly

  6. Ceccon

  7. Sa Silva

  8. Eriksson

  9. Zamparelli

  10. Fontana

  11. Varhaug

  12. Agostini

  13. Ghiotto

  14. Visoiu

  15. Urrutia

  16. Cullen

  17. Bryant-Meisner

  18. Mason

  19. Niederhauser

  20. Gilbert

  21. Jorda


Stanaway, Mardenborough, Celis Jr, Tuscher, Kujala


Char :)

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